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Tatiana Sosa 12.14.17 8th Period What side of the debate around Politically Correct Language Would Orwell be on? Politically correct language is the idea of how we des
  Tatiana Sosa 12.14.17 8th Period What side of the debate around Politically Correct Language Would Orwell be on? Politically correct language is the idea of how we describe language, policies, or measures that are aimed to avoid offense to a person or a group of some sort. And with that, I  believe Orwell would disagree with Politically correct language because he is against the idea of  being controlled and told how to speak and how to go about things. In the book 1984   By George Orwell, he makes the main character, Winston, stand strong by the idea that a society should n  be controlled language and action wise. In 1984   By George Orwell, they are brought up in a society where there was a totalitarian government in Oceania controlling the people’s thoughts, opinions and actions. Given that George Orwell wrote the book, he made Winston disagree with how the government was going about things. He himself knew the dark truths the government seemed to be hiding from the  people of Oceania. Apart from the dark truths, he noticed how little by little, the language Oceania’s people used was starting to be controlled and change drastically as well. “-- Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end, we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can be needed will be expressed by exactly one  word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten. --- Every year fewer and fewer words, and then range of consciousness always a little smaller” (Orwell 52). What it being said can easily describe how Oceania is and prove that the people are being controlled on how to talk. Winston doesn’t like that, however. He feels that the party has too much control. In an article called Control the language, control the masses    by Pieter Vree, it states, “The controller of language controls the masses by redefining or, in some cases, limiting the very thoughts in their heads. George Orwell explored this theme to great effect in his novel 1984. The totalitarian government of Oceania, in order to rein in dissent and advance its peculiar form of socialism,  pared down the English language, reducing it to an attenuated version of its former glory. This new form is simply called Newspeak”. Orwell would agree strongly with the point Vree makes  because Vree is stating that whoever is controlling the language, is the one that controls everything else which is how Orwell makes Winston feel throughout 1984.   Apart from Vree’s  point, in a documentary called,  P.C Language control and The Rise of the Third Reich, r made  by Natural news founder / editor Mike Adams, it says, “Adams makes a compelling case in comparing the current state of affairs in the United States – where politically correct language control is increasingly being used to create division and establish control – to the political climate in pre-WWII Germany, where P.C. language control was used by the Nazis to  accomplish the exact same thing    ”. Even today, there are signs of the people being controlled by  politically correct language. Orwell preceives Oceania to be divided up due to the control that the  party has and it is another thing that Winston does not favor. With that, Orwell would stand strong and disagree with politically correct language  because he makes it known that he feels it is a way of the government or whoever has power, control the people’s ideas, opinions, actions and most importantly, language. The same way he shows how Winston feels, could be his way of showing his side and opinion on being controlled or more specifically, politically correct language. Works Cited Orwell, George. 1984   . Penguin Books USA Inc., 1950. “Politically Correct Language 'Control' Is a Danger to Society ... Has Led to Genocide of Millions.”  NaturalNews   ,   .
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