Ontario Notice of Sale EXAMPLE 1

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Ontario Notice of Sale EXAMPLE 1
  Loan No. 12 3 4 5 67 NOTICE OF SALE UNDER MORTGAGE TAKE NTICE that default has been made in payment f the mneys due under a certain Mrtgage dated the 29th day f Octber 2007 made Between: << BORROWER ' S NAME >> MORTGAGOR -and - << LENDER ' S NAME >> MORTGAGEE n the security f al and singular that certan parce r tract f and and premises stuate, yng and being Unt 1 Leve 1 Trnt Standard Cndmnium Pan N. 1234 and ts appurtenant interest The descrptin f the Cndmnium Prperty is Part f Bcks 1 2 & 3 Pan 616-E Parts 1 15 and 31 Plan 66-R12345.; Subject t and Tgether with ease as set ut n AT123456. Cty f Trnt bearing PIN 12345-0244 (LT) and beng Unit 43 Level B oronto Standard Cndminum Pan N 1598 and ts appurtenant nterest The descrptn f the Condminum Prperty is Part f Bcks 1 2 & 3 Plan 616E Parts 1 15 and 31 Pan 66-R12345. Subject t and Tgether wth ease as set ut in  A1234567 Cty f Tornto bearng PIN 12345-0787 (LT) which Mrtgage was registered n the 29th day f Octber 2007 in the Land Registry Office fr the Land Titles ivisin  rnt (N) at rnt ntari as Instrument N 1234567 Sad Mortgage was transferred to Computershare Trust Cmpany f Canada by way f a Transfer of Charge dated the 16th day f Octber 2012 and regstered n the 16th day f ctber 2012 n the said Regstry Ofice as Instrument N  AT1234567 Said Mrtgage was transferred t << LENDER ' S NAME >>  by way f a Transferf Charge dated the 26th day f August 2013 and registered n the 26th day f August 2013 in the said Regstry Office as Instrument N AT1234567  AND WE HEREBY gve yu ntice that the amunt nw due n the Mrtgage fr prncpal mney and nterest thereon interest n late payments maintenance accunt baance prperty inspectn charge financia recvery reprt taxes admnistratin fee and csts respectivey is as fws Prncipa Mney Interest t August 26 2013 Outstanding fees Tax accunt dministratin fee Outstanding Fees Costs (such amount fr costs being up t and incudng the service of this ntice ny and thereater such urther csts and disbursements wi be charged as may be prper) $196196.10 781.68 964.42 1406.98 320.00 96442 $2500.00  (GST No. R123456789) TOTAL $203,3360 together with nterest at the rate of .4 per centum per annum on the prncpal and interest hereinbefore mentioned from the 26th day of August 203 to the date of payment AND UNLESS the said sums are paid on or before the 4th day of October 03 the Mortgagee shall sell the property covered by the sad Mortgage under the provsions contained in it THIS NOTCE is given to you as you appear to have an interest in the mortgaged property and may be enttled to redeem the same. DATED at Toronto this 6th day of August 203 << NAME OF LENDER >> By ts Solicitors: <<NAME   OF  L ENDER'S  L AW   FIRM>> Barristers and Solicitors << ADDRESS OF LAW FIRM >> ( << NAME OF LAW Y ER >> ) << LAW Y ER CONTACT INFO >> TO See Schedule A attached  SCHEDULE A TO: Her Majesty, The Queen in Right of the Province of Ontario served upon her Agent The Ministry of Finance 33 King Street West 6th Floor Oshawa Ontario L 1H 8H5 Attention Insovency Unit AND TO << BORROWR ' S NAM >><< BORROWR ' S ADDRSS >> AND TO: The Spouse of << BORROWR ' S NAM >><< BORROWR ' S ADDRSS >> AND TO << BORROWR ' S NAM >><< BORROWR ' S OTHR ADDRSS >> AND TO The Spouse of << BORROWR ' S NAM >><< BORROWR ' S OTHR ADDRSS >> AND TO << FIRST MORTGAGE LENDER >>   << BANK ADDRSS >> AND TO << FIRST MORTGAGE LENDER >>  c/o <<LENDER' S LAWYR >>  Barrister and Soicitor << LENDER ' S LAWYR ADDRSS >>
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