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 Meixiu Zhang; “Exploring Text Variation in The Graduate English Organization Learner Writing with Corpus Techniques: An would like to thank the following Example of Collaborative L2 Writing” people and institutions for the  Amanda Black; “How knowledge of natural invaluable contributions they have language use can benefit learners and instructors” made to the 18th Annual PEAKS The North
       Meixiu Zhang; “Exploring Text Variation in Learner Writing with Corpus Techniques: An Example of Collaborative L2 Writing”     Amanda Black; “How knowledge of natural language use can benefit learners and instructors”    Daniel Keller; “On the srcin of registers: Natural selection as a driver of linguistic  variation ” Session 4 2:45  –   4:00 Field: Literature  Room: HLC 3104 Chair: Jeff Berglund    Michaela George; “Frankenstein’s Monster and the Mirror- Stage”    Kyle Beloin; “Decoding Hermeneutical Silence in Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts”       Ana Katz; “Trauma and Modernity”    Sylvia Smith; “Myths Represented in (Science Fiction) Lit erature”   Field: STEM  Room: HLC 3106 Chair: Sanjam Ahluwalia    Kody Gelv  in; “Sexism in the STEM Fields”       Thomas Bourne; “Earth and Fire: The Dude Fire and Environmental Change in a Northern Arizona Rim Landscape, 1990- 2017” Field: TESL/Linguistics  Room: HLC 3105 Chair: Jesse Egbert    Hasan Autman; “Academic Gender Dependent Hedging in a Patriarchal Society”    Maren Greve; “Acquisition of Inflectional Morphology through Artificial Languag  es”      Ryan Hunn; “Prosody and Politeness”  The Graduate English Organization  would like to thank the following  people and institutions for the invaluable contributions they have made to the 18 th  Annual PEAKS Interdisciplinary Conference: Salvador Plascencia Dr. Steven Rosendale The NAU English Department The College of Arts and Letters The Honors College The Department of Global Languages and Cultures The Health and Learning Center Student Activities Council- for funding and support Special Thanks to our chairs: Dr. Donelle Ruwe Dr. Meghan Moran Lawrence Lenhart Dr. Mara Reisman Dr. Valeria Bogorevich  Nicole Walker Hasan Autman   Dr. Jeff Berglund Dr. Sanjam Ahluwalia Dr. Jesse Egbert  The GEO Officers and Advisers Celeste Jackson: Co-President Michaela George: Co-President Morgan Richardson: Secretary   Dannae Campbell: Treasurer Katie Sperry:  Event Planner   Maria Kostromitina: Social Media Coordinator Dr. Donelle Ruwe: Faculty Advisor     The Northern Arizona University Graduate English Organization Presents:  To celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,   this year’s conference incorporates themes and elements from her work. February 9 th , 2018 NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY   Welcome On behalf of the Graduate English Organization, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the 18 th   Annual PEAKS Interdisciplinary Conference. PEAKS strives to bring together the works of diverse academic disciplines to create new, meaningful modes of understanding. This ye ar’s conference invites scholarship that speaks to the ideas of dangerous knowledge, otherness, science, nature, psychology, history and more. We hope the presentations and discussions both challenge and enlighten their audiences. We thank you for your attendance and support. Keynote Address: “The Creature’s Navel”  4:30-6:00 Liberal Arts, #120 Salvador Plascencia is the author of the cult favorite The People of Paper  , which was named a best book of the year by The San Francisco Chronicle  , The Los Angeles Times  , and The Financial Times  . The People of Paper   has been translated into a dozen languages and been widely anthologized and adopted in Chicanx, Postmodern, Creative  Writing, and Design courses throughout the country. His writing has appeared in  McSweeney’s  , Lucky Peach  , Tin House  , and The Los  Angeles Times  . He holds a BA in English (Whittier College), an MFA in Creative Writing (Syracuse University), and an MA in English (USC). He is the recipient of the Bard Fiction Prize and a Moseley Fellowship. Schedule of Events Session 1 9:00  –   10:15 Field: TESL  Room: HLC 3105 Chair: Meghan Moran    Oguzhan Tekin; “Concept of Mindfulness and its Applications in ESL/ EFL Contexts: For Teachers Who ‘Mind’ What They Do in Class”      Garrett Larson; “A Descriptive Analysis of ESL Grammar Textbooks”    Maria Kostromitina & Dannae Campbell; “Developing a Placement Test for the Literacy Center” Field: Creative Writing Room: HLC 3106 Chair: Lawrence Lenhart     Jeanne Mack; Weldon Ryckman; Katy Sperry; “Hybridity: Cultivating Deeper Understandings of Dangerous Topics” (Panel) Field: Literature  Room: HLC 3104 Chair: Donelle Ruwe     Wang Meng; “Seeking a Refuge: Urban and Rural Pastoral Utopias in Great Expectations and Jane Eyre”       Justin Rosepapa ; “There’s truth that lives/  And truth that dies:” Malleable Cultural Identity and Holocaust Memory in The Songs of Leonard Cohen”      Morgan Richardson; “Gendered Cosmopolitanism Aboard the Ibis: Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies” Coffee Break 10:15  –   10:45   Session 2 10:45  –   12:00   Field: Literature  Room: HLC 3104 Chair: Mara Reisman    Kyra Nelson; “Stigmatization of Sex  Workers: From Japan’s Floating World to Russia’s Underground”    Celeste Jackson; “Sex and Love in Silko's Ceremony”     Tara Stafford; “Women in Hiding” Field: Pedagogy  Room: HLC 3105 Chair: Valeria Bogorevich     Tyler True; “Teaching Transgender Issues for First-Year Composition/Rhetoric: Resources and Reflections”    Sarahmarie Specht- Bird; “Can We Write More?: Using a Writing Journal Assignment for Motivation and Choice”    Carolyn Gera ci; “Hacking Higher Education” Lunch 12:00  –   1:00   Session 3 1:15  –   2:30   Field: Creative Writing  Room: HLC 3106 Chair: Nicole Walker    Kate Harkins; “Radical Self Reflection: the Subjective Truth”     Addison Santese; “Seven Crosses”      Elsbeth Teague; “Texas Takes a Long Time to Say Goodbye” Field: TESL/Linguistics  Room: HLC 3105 Chair: Hasan Autman    Qi Liu; “The Integration of Technology into Flipped Classroom in Language Teaching”  Keynote Speaker:   Salvador Plascencia
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