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1. Personal Learning Anne Mims Adrian, PhD Social Media Strategist Military Families Learning Network @aafromaa May 1, 2012…
  • 1. Personal Learning Anne Mims Adrian, PhD Social Media Strategist Military Families Learning Network @aafromaa May 1, 2012 North Central Leadership Conference #nclc
  • 2. We want ... a crystal ball
  • 3. We want ... a crystal ball with a roadmap.
  • 4. Make your own path
  • 5. Embrace learning Know that you must do Be on the course (flow) Then “be the ball” “To learn, we must do.” Harold Jarche
  • 6. Experiment New tools New connections New sources Learn what you don’t know that you need to know
  • 7. Become comfortable with the tools people levels of credibility of sources trial and error opposite viewpoint the unknown
  • 8. Connect and learn from others Join and engage in communities Become a node
  • 9. Exchange resources thoughts questions ideas experiences Collaborate
  • 10. Learn to flow Networks are fluid Balance dichotomy of critical mass and close enough for relevancy and understanding
  • 11. Let serendipity work “Chance favours the connected mind.” Steven Johnson
  • 12. You are in charge “The only knowledge that can be managed is our own.” Harold Jarche
  • 13. Manage information overload Keep found things found ™ (doing this in the open can help others can learn) The term Keeping Found Things Found was coined by William Jones in 1999 and he has written a book by the same name )
  • 14. Move efficiently between projects, ideas & thoughts Identify automated ways to improve personal productivity management
  • 15. An exercise: What is the last thing you learned? Who ? What ? Where ? How ? Draw a connection to you. Draw the connection of how you first learn of that person. How important is this person / source to you? Do you trust this person / source? Why?
  • 16. Why do you trust the person or source?
  • 17. Why do you trust the person or source? Valuable ? Credible ? Believable ? Other descriptor ?
  • 18. Continuous process
  • 19. Seek Discover Keep up to date Search Pull
  • 20. Sense
  • 21. Share Converse Exchange Narrate your work Collaborate
  • 22. Social media just another set of tools
  • 23. Getting information to come to you Google Alerts Twitter Search Tweetdeck or Hootsuite on computer and either or Twitter app on smart phone RSS Feeds
  • 24. Getting information to come to you Others’ Aggregators, Newsle, Summify, Google News
  • 25. Networking online Finding and Following Others Find a few people who discuss and share what you are interested in and then follow who they follow.
  • 26. Networking online Find a few favorite bloggers and news writers LinkedIn (group discussions) Google Plus Twitter (follow a critical mass) Twitter Search and Follow relevant hashtags
  • 27. Networking online Listen for awhile, then engage Then expand If it isn’t working adjust. If it is working, adjust.
  • 28. Consider traditional differently Mass Media Network News Newspapers Professional Journals and Magazines Academic Journals Books Narrate what you are learning through all media (be mindful of copyright)
  • 29. Share Bookmark in the open: delicious, Diigo, Pearltrees, Pinterest Will learn as you share & connect to other Narrate as you learn Narrate as you do your work Blogs, Commenting, Photos, Videos, Links, Online Journals Curate, Summify, Pinterest
  • 30. What are the challenges?
  • 31. Challenges
  • 32. Be willing to fail
  • 33. Network Literacy Join the CoP Participate in webinars Learn from AleX Netlit
  • 34. Peter Drucker
  • 35. Photo Credits 72157608631840641
  • 36. Photo Credits
  • 37. References management pathforusingsocialmediainextension
  • 38. Personal Learning by Anne Mims Adrian is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial 3.0 United States License. Anne Mims Adrian, PhD Twitter: @aafromaa OR Google me (I am very findable).
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