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   Handbook APP_PARTNER_2_VP_ANGLAIS_CAG_CHAcouv1 couv1 APP_PARTNER_2_VP_ANGLAIS_CAG_CHAcouv1 couv1 06 02 2010 17:44:10 06/02/2010 17:44:10          4  PRESENTATION Within the chapters symbols draw your attention to speci  c information: This handbook is designed to familiarise you with the new vehicle from the moment you get behind the wheel and to describe the operating features. Reading the handbook is made easy by a content consisting of 10 identi  ed chapters which can be located by means of a colour code speci  c to each one. Its sections cover, by theme, all of the functions of the vehicle in its most complete speci  cation. Chapter 8 indicates all of the technical data relating to your vehicle. At the end of the document, diagrams of the outside and inside of the vehicle will assist you in locating equipment or functions and page numbers refer you to the relevant section of the handbook. PEUGEOT COMMUNICATION PUTS AN INTERNET SITE AT YOUR DISPOSAL , select: - your model, - the body type: saloon, CC, SW, estate, van…, - the period corresponding to the date of  rst registration, - the Latest Information section. The technical data, equipment and accessories may change during the year. To obtain this new data, refer to the Latest Information section on the SERVICE BOX Internet site free of charge. directs you to the chapter and section which contains detailed information concerning a function, indicates important information relating to use of the equipment, alerts you to the safety of individuals and equipment on board. AP_Partner_2_VP_02_2009_anglais_4 4 AP_Partner_2_VP_02_2009_anglais_4 4 06 02 2010 17:37:50 06/02/2010 17:37:50          5 1     F    A    M    I    L    I    A    R    I     S    A    T    I     O    N AP_Partner_2_VP_02_2009_anglais_5 5 AP_Partner_2_VP_02_2009_anglais_5 5 06 02 2010 17:37:51 06/02/2010 17:37:51  6a 6b2b2a42a6a2b6b4         6  Exterior 17 126 133 Key   : chapter identi  cation : page identi  cation 21 Key - Remote control Complete unlocking of the vehicle. Complete locking of the vehicle. Opening the bonnet Take care when working under the bonnet. Raise the bonnet slightly by reaching in a  at hand, palm down, to make access to the lever easier. Engage the base of the strut in the hole provided to hold the bonnet open. High pressure washing of the engine compartment is prohibited, to guarantee correct operation of the vehicle. Sliding side door Pull the handle towards you then towards the rear and open the door guiding the rearward sliding until the point of resistance has been passed. Fuel  ller  ap open  A mechanical system prevents opening of the left-hand side door when the fuel  ller  ap is open. 104 Grip Control The anti-slip GRIP CONTROL Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) System improves traction on snow, mud and sand. AP_Partner_2_VP_02_2009_anglais_6 6 AP_Partner_2_VP_02_2009_anglais_6 6 06 02 2010 17:37:52 06/02/2010 17:37:52
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