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1. Philippine School Libraries Today Bridging the gap! Crossing the divide! CONSAL XVI Pre-CONSAL Workshop School Library Development in the ASEAN Countries…
  • 1. Philippine School Libraries Today Bridging the gap! Crossing the divide! CONSAL XVI Pre-CONSAL Workshop School Library Development in the ASEAN Countries Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand June 10, 2015 Zarah C. Gagatiga Teacher Librarian, The Beacon Academy Board Member, Philippine Board on Books for Young People @thecoffeegoddes / zarah815
  • 2. Talking Points ● The Big Picture: Laws and Government Guidelines ● Mechanisms and Systems for School Library Development ● DepEd School Library Guidelines no. 56 s, 2011 ● K-12 Program of the DepEd ● Media and Information Literacy Core Subject, Grade 11- 12 ● Process and system of accreditation ● PAASCU (Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities) ● Bridging the gap! Crossing the divide!: Library Hub and School Library development projects ● Implication in line with ASEAN Integration
  • 3. Laws and Government Guidelines ● Philippine Librarianship Act of 2004 (RA No. 9246) An act modernizing the practice of librarianship in the Philippines thereby repealing RA 6966, entitled, “an act regulating the practice of librarianship and prescribing the qualifications of librarians”, appropriating funds therefore and for other purposes. ● Code of Ethics for Philippine Librarians ● Standards for Philippine Libraries ● Licensure Exam for Librarians ● A measure of basic skills and knowledge ● Allow passage to work as librarians
  • 4. Mechanism and Systems for School Library Development ● DepEd School Library Guidelines No. 56, s. 2011 ● Standards for School Libraries ● Standard 1 – Mission, Goals and Objectives ● Standard 2 – Administration ● Standard 3 – Human Resources ● Standard 4 – Collection Management ● Standard 5 – Services and Utilization ● Standard 6 – Physical facilities ● Standard 7 – IT Facilities and Services ● Standard 8 – Financial Resources ● Standard 9 – Linkages and Networking ● Appendices: Recommended Growth Rate and Furniture and Equipment Standard
  • 5. Mechanisms and Systems for School Library Development ● K-12 Program of the DepEd ● Media and Information Literacy (MIL) as a CORE Subject in the Senior High School level (Gr. 11-12) ● Introduces learners to basic understanding of MIL as channels of communication and tools for the development of individuals and societies; ● Develop students to be creative and critical thinkers as well as responsible users and competent producers of media and information.
  • 6. K-12 Program: MIL Core Subject Content and Performance Standards Schedule / Hours Content Standards Performance Standards 1st Semester / 80 hoursThe learner demonstrates understanding of MIL and related concepts. The learner organizes a creative symposium for the community focusing on being a media and information literate individual. 2nd Semester / 80 hours The learner demonstrates understanding of different resource of media and information, their design principle and elements, and selection criteria. The learner produces a living museum or electronic portfolio, or any creative forms of multimedia showcasing his/her understanding, insights, and perceptions of different resource of media and information.
  • 7. Process and System of Accreditation ● PAASCU (Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities) ● Private Schools, Colleges and Universities ● Process: Applicant Status -> Candidate Status -> Member Status ● Areas of Accreditation in the Basic Education: Administration; Faculty; Instruction; Instructional Media Center; Student Services; Community and Service ● Level I -> Level II -> Level III ● Self Assessment and Peer Evaluation = Collaboration, Linkages and Networking
  • 8. The Great Divide: Public Schools and Private School Libraries Laurel Elementary School Brgy. Laurel, Tanauan, Batangas Region 4A - CALABARZON Miriam College Child Study Center Katipunan, Quezon City National Capitol Region
  • 9. The Great Divide: Public Schools and Private School Libraries System / Mechanism for Development Public School Private School DepEd School Library Guidelines Compliance but with challenges and limitations - Compliance - At par with standards -Beyond standards - International standards K-12 Program: MIL as Core Subject Full implementation in SY 2015-2016 Full implementation in SY 2015-2016 Process of Accreditation N/A Indicator of school success is on standardized exams (District and National Achievement Tests) PAASCU and/or other institutional and organizational accrediting body (WASC, IB World Schools, Christian Schools Accreditation Body)http://lovealibrarian.blogspot. com
  • 10. Bridging the gap! Crossing the divide! ● Library Hub, 2003 to present ● DepEd Order no. 64 s, 2009 : Institutionalization of DepEd Library Hub Project in All Regions and School Divisions ● Library Hub House Bill 4327 ● A Library Hub is a warehouse or reservoir of books located in strategic places within a division providing public elementary and secondary school education. The hubs contain supplementary reading materials arranged in plastic bins, sorted by subject area and grade or year level.
  • 11. The Library Hub’s Roles and Functions
  • 12. The Library Hub System ● Procurement of Books ● Curriculum based reading materials ● DepEd provides books and resources ● Curriculum experts select books from publishers and book sellers ● Donations and gifts are welcome ● Manpower & Human Resource Office of the Secretary Division Office Library Hub Project Coordinator Library Hub Librarian Undersecretary for Finance and Administration Regional Director
  • 13. The Library Hub in Calamba, Laguna Jose Rizal Memorial School Calamba East, Laguna Region 4A - CALABARZON Reception Area
  • 14. The Library Hub in Calamba, Laguna Books in plastic bins These are for distribution to different schools in the division of Calamba East. Book Shelving Rooms 1 - 2 Reading Area
  • 15. The Library Hub in Calamba, Laguna Activity Area for Patrons, Students and Teachers
  • 16. The Library Hub in Calamba, Laguna Conference and Meeting Room
  • 17. Library Hub Enhancements “This Reading Month, we invited day care centers to visit the Library Hub. We conducted storytelling sessions. Such an activity may promote an essential aspect of the Library Hub and we extend the services we offer not only for public schools but to the community as well - Myra and Elinor, Library Hub Librarians ● Library Hub Institute (for Librarian / Teacher training) ● READshops ● Basic Computer Skills Training ● Infrastructure to support 3 types of school libraries: • Basic School Library : Reading Corners / Centers (RC) • Leader School Library : Learning Resource Centers (LRC) w/ multi-media capabilities • Global School Library : Internet-connected LRCs
  • 18. Common to all library hubs is the challenge of book bin distribution. Assigned teachers and coordinators do not borrow from the hubs due to distance, and geography, limited resources for transportation and constraints in time to visit the hubs. The Quezon Province Library Hub’s answer to this challenge is a book mobile service. http://lovealibrarian.
  • 19. Public School and Private School Collaboration: School Libraries as Learning Communities Reading Camp organized by school librarians of DLS Zobel School Grade school students wrote stories, drew pictures and made them into books.
  • 20. Reading Camp at Fernando Zobel Elementary School, Calatagan, Batangas Reading aloud one’s self made book.
  • 21. Public Library Reaching Out to Public Schools: Heneral Basa, the Reading Champion Heneral Basa’s alter ego is Mr. Troy Lacsamana, librarian of the Quezon City Public Library. Heneral Basa visits public schools on a regular basis. This is in part of QCPL’s reading campaign and community outreach activity.
  • 22. National Book Development Board: Booklatan and Teacher Training Teacher training on the creation of books and teaching aids in the mother tongue.
  • 23. DepEd National Training of Trainors DepED’s NToT on Early Literacy and Numeracy Instruction Teacher Trainors in the K-3 level create storytelling resources. Mother tongue instruction was encouraged during presentation of projects.
  • 24. NGOs for Literacy Development EDUCO & Adarna House Foundation conduct teacher training workshop on Library Development
  • 25. Philippine Association of School Librarians (PASLI) ● Research in school librarianship ● Instructional programs ● Information Literacy as a program of the school library ● Application of social media in school library services ● K-12 Preparedness of Filipino school librarians
  • 26. Implication to ASEAN Integration ● The existence of laws, standards and guidelines are meant to uplift the professional status of Filipino librarians and improve their practice of the profession toward a continuous professional development. With the ongoing educational reform implemented by the DepEd, school librarians play varied roles in the achievement of learning goals and performance standards. It is an exciting and incredible time to be a Filipino school librarian today as he/she comes face to face with challenges that pushes him/her to develop a new set of competencies that will enable him/her to look inward (locally) and to reach out to the bigger community (globally).
  • 27. Thinking Through the Implication ● Areas where Filipino School Librarians can explore and build on expertise, knowledge and skills: ● Program Design and Instruction of MIL ● Coordinator of Research Processes and Products in the Senior High School Program ● Teaching and Instructional Partners of Teachers ● Manager of Collection, Systems and Structures of Learning Technology ● Curriculum Consultant and Life Skills Coach ● Literacy Leader and Reading Champion
  • 28. Sources and References Online Sources DO no 64 s 2009 ph/sites/default/files/order/2009/DO_s200 9_64.pdf DEpEd Library Hub - Book Mobile Services https://www.facebook. com/depedquezonlibraryhub?fref=photo Heneral Basa: Magbasa Tayo Mga Bata! fref=photo Library Hub ph/downloadables/Library-Hub.pdf Library Locator - DepEd maps/library-locator-map PAASCU Process PASLI Conference RA 9246 http://www.lawphil. net/statutes/repacts/ra2004/ra_9246_2004. Interview Ortega, Myra and Hemedes, Elinor. Personal Interview. Library Hub. December 20, 2014 Documents Senior High School Media & Information Literacy Core Subject Guide. DepEd. 2013 DO no. 56 s 2011 School Library Guidelines. DepEd. 2011
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