Plant Assignment (Inclass)

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  Pump details pump tag numberP-001sucon vessel ta numberv-001discharge vessel tag number v-002Barometric pressure1.013 bar NSPHa margin0mPump ecienc! 0# Fluid propertes $uid orange %uicephaseli&uid$o'rate 1000(g)hrdesit!12*0(g)m3temperature 1+0cvapor pressure 31 0paviscosit!1.,0-03pa)s Vessel gas pressures sucon vessel gas pressure 100000discharge vessel gas pressure200000 Satc head sucon stac head2discharge stac head 120sucon gas head +.1*discharge gas pressure head1.3 Pipelines pipe materialP/ suctondischarge pipe nominal diameter0.1010.0 2pipe schedulesch 0sch 0pipe inner diameter0.10230.0 ,pipe length101*0absolute roughness0.001*0.001* Fings  uanessucon linedischarge line,0 4 bends1pipe entrances10pipe e5it01gate valves11non return valve1067ng 8actor11 discharge conrol valve control value di9erenal pressure200000N)m2 Oupus /olumetric $o'rate0.+m3)hrSucondischargerelave roughness0.01 0.01,3$o' area 0.00+10.00+velocit!0.02 0.1 re!nolds no1.+*:031.1:03$o' regimelaminarlaminar8ricon 8actor3. -02.**-02pipe velocit! head loss3.3++2+ . 67ng velocit! head loss2.0,2.38riconal head loss0.02012.0pump sucon head10.1*mpump discharge head13.3mstac head di9erence12.1*mtotal 8riconal head loss12.2m pump oal diferental head 13+.* m  unis mmmmm  m2m)sm
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