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  Poornima University, Jaipur   School Of Planning And Architecture 2017-2018   Centre Georges Pompidou,Paris,france Submitted To  –  Submitted By -  Ar.Himanshu N. Chitransh.M      Architects: Richard Rogers (modernist and functionalist designs) Renzo Piano (high-tech and postmodernism)   Architectural style : Postmodern and High-Tech   Structural system : superstructure with reinforced concrete floors   Completed : 1971 - 1977   Height and construction cost: 45.5 m and $363,858,691(over by 11.1%)   THEMES OF THE DESIGN -   Flexible envelope   Steel structure   Simple geometric form   Exterior mechanical   Building circulation   Building has two parts :   Three levels of infrastructure where they gather technical facilities and service,   A large glass and steel superstructure of seven levels, including the terrace and the mezzanine.   The plan is rectangular, with the longer sides on the front of the square and the service.   The different systems on the exterior of the building are painted different colors to distinguish their different roles.   The structure and largest ventilation components were painted white.   Stairs and elevator structures were painted a silver grey.   Ventilation is painted blue.   Plumbing and fire control piping painted green.   The electrical elements are yellow and orange, and the elevator motor rooms and shafts, or the elements that allow for movement throughout the building, are painted red.   One of the movement elements that the center is most known for is the escalator (painted red on the bottom) on the west facade, a tube that zigzags up to the top of the building providing visitors view of the city of Paris.   
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