Production Steps

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Production Steps
  Production Steps 1)   Visual inspection of the FJC area for steel defects and contaminants 2)   Removal of steel defects and contamination (oil, grease, dirt, soil, dust, traces of adhesive, etc.) 3)   Roughening and cleaning of the adjacent factory applied coating at the overlap area. 4)   Removal of the residues and non-adherent parts from the FJC area using dry and oil free compressed air 5)   Measurement of the ambient conditions: ambient TºC, ambient relative humidity, ambient Dew Point 6)   Measurement of the steel surface 7)   Preheating of the steel surface in case the steel surface temperature is less than 3ºC above the ambient dew point or in case the trace of moisture are detected 8)   Cleaning of the steel surface by…. up to the cleanliness grade…. as per the I SO 8501-1 standard HT - Hand tool cleaning: ST 2 | PT - Power Tool cleaning: ST 3 | BL CL - Blast cleaning Sa 2 1/2 9)   Removal of residual materials using dry and oil free compressed air 10)   Visual inspection of the cleaned surface 11)   Measurement of the roughness of the cleaned surface 12)   Measurement of the dust contamination level 13)   Measurement of the salt contamination level (after BL CL)   Consumables Standard   1)   Fuel for generator 2)   Grinding disc 3)   Solvents (MEK, Acetone, Xylene, Toluene) 4)   Clean lint free cloth 5)   Soft clean brush 6)   Flapwheel disc 7)   Abrasive paper 8)   Power tool wire brush 9)   Propane gas Working Equipment 1)   Electrical Generator 2)   Grinding machine 3)   Propane torch kit 4)   Air compressor equipment (air receiver, desiccant air and pneumatic gun) 5)   Knife  Inspection Equipment 1)   Digital Hygrometer 2)   Digital contact thermometer 3)   ISO 8501-1 standard 4)   Testex replica tapes and anvil micrometre 5)   ISO 8502-3 standard 6)   10x magnification len 7)   Transparent adhesive tape and clean white paper 8)   Digital coating thickness gauge 9)   Calibration shims for verification of the calibration of digital coating thickness gauge 10)   Holiday detector 11)   Holiday detector electrodes 12)   High voltage voltmeter for calibration of the holiday detector 13)   Flexible measuring tape
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