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  Programme Details Of M.S. Management Sciences ProgrammeName:M.S. Management SciencesIntroduction:The Department of Business Administration was established in 1986 with the objective to impart managerial education andskills in the discipline of Business Administration. Since its inception, the Department has made tremendous progress towardsachieving its ultimate goal of becoming a centre of excellence in Business Management education and research in Pakistan.The Department has assembled outstanding teaching faculty and developed extensive teaching material for the improvementof education in Pakistan. The University first time launched MBA program in 1986, MBA-IT in 2001 and MBA-Banking & Finance in Spring 2005 semester. Presently, the Department is offering MBA (3� Years), MBA 2� years, MBA RuralManagement, PGD-HRM and MS (Management Sciences) programs with different specializations. These programs wouldcontribute significantly to the national goals by developing the professionals equipped with modern business techniques.These programs are designed to enable the professionals to upgrade their skills and enhance business qualifications. Further,it is hoped that the graduates from this university would have recognition in the human resource market and enjoy arespectable status in public and private sector organizations, operating in Pakistan and abroad. The Department has wellqualified faculty members including MPhil/MS and PhDs both from national and foreign universities.AdmissionRequirement:Applicants having 16 years of business education (Old MBA/MPA/M.Com/ACMA/ACA/4-Years B.Com/4-Years BBA) from anyHEC recognized institution with minimum 50% marks or equivalent CGPA would be eligible to apply.SelectionProcess:Selection of the candidates will be made strictly on the basis of merit/criteria laid down by the Department/ University.Duration:Maximum 5 YearsMedium of Instruction:EnglishTeachingMethodology:Face to Face Classes.AIOU CreditsRequired:36 Credit HoursCourseRequired: Semester: 1  1. ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODS-8701 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 2. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND FINANCE-8702 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 3. STRATEGIC MARKETING-8703 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 4. STRATEGIC HUMNA RESOURCE MANAGEMENT-8704 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) Semester: 2  1. ELECTIVE-I- (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 2. ELECTIVE-II- (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 3. ELECTIVE-III- (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 4. ELECTIVE-IV- (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) Semester: 3  1. THESIS-8720 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43)   ElectiveCourses:1. STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT-8709 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 2. ORGANISATIONAL THEORY & DESIGN-8710 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 3. INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT-8711 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 4. HUMAN RESOURCE CHANGE MANAGEMENT-8712 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 5. ISLAMIC BANKING-8718 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 6. CREDIT MANAGEMENT-8714 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 7. INVESTMENT & SECURITIES MANAGEMENT-8715 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) 8. RISK MANAGEMENT & INSURANCE-8716 (CourseDetail.asp?CID=999&PID=43) Semester:Collaborations:Workshop:One Week Workshop per 3 Credit HoursThesis:CompulsoryPractical:Viva:Compulosy ( ( ( ( Helpline: 051-111-112-468Copyright © 2016-17 @ AIOUAllama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad- 44000, PakistanEmail:
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