Queen Szovegek2

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Queen Szovegek2
  The show must go on Empty spaces, what are we living for Abandoned places, I guess we know the scoreOn and on, does anybody know what we are looking for Another hero, another mindless crimeBehind the curtain, in the pantomimeHold the line, does anybody want to take it anymore The show must go onThe show must go on, yeahInside my heart is breakingMy make-up may be flakingBut my smile still stays on Whatever happens, Ill leave it all to chanceAnother heartache, another failed romanceOn and on, does anybody know what we are living for!I guess Im learning Im learning learning learning#I must be warmer nowIll soon be turning turning turning turning#$ound the corner nowOutside the dawn is breakingBut inside in the dark Im aching to be free Refrén. %eah yeah, whoa wo oh oh&y soul is painted like the wings of butterflies'airy tales of yesterday will grow but never dieI can fly, my friends (((()he show must go on go on, go on, go on# (yeah yeah)he show must go on go on, go on, go on#Ill face it with a grinIm never giving inOn, with the showOoh, Ill top the bill, Ill overkillI have to find the will to carry onOn with the show, On with the show, )he show, the show must go on  Bohemian Rhapsody Is this the real life?Is this just fantasy?Caught in a landslideNo escape from realityOpen your eyesLook up to the skies and seeI'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathyBecause I'm easy come, easy go  little high, little lo! ny!ay the !ind blo!s, doesn't really matter to me, to me ama, just killed a man#ut a gun against his head#ulled my trigger, no! he's dead ama, life had just begunBut no! I'$e gone and thro!n it all a!ay ama, ooo%idn't mean to make you cryIf I'm not back again this time tomorro!Carry on, carry on, but nothing really matters&oo late, my time has comeends shi$ers do!n my spineBody's aching all the time(oodbye e$erybody I'$e got to go(otta lea$e you all behind and face the truth ama, ooo )any!ay the !ind blo!s*I don't !ant to dieI sometimes !ish I'd ne$er been born at all  I see a little silhouetto of a mancaramouch, scaramouch !ill you do the fandango&hunderbolt and lightning $ery $ery frightening me(allileo, (allileo, (allileo, (allileo, (allileo +igaro  magnificoBut I'm just a poor boy and nobody lo$es me-e's just a poor boy from a poor familypare him his life from this monstrosity.asy come easy go !ill you let me goBismillah/ No !e !ill not let you go  let him goBismillah/ 0e !ill not let you go  let him goBismillah/ 0e !ill not let you go let me go0ill not let you go let me go )ne$er*Ne$er let you go let me goNe$er let me go oooNo, no, no, no, no, no, noOh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me goBeel1ebub has a de$il put aside for me+or me+or meo you think you can stone me and spit in my eyeo you think you can lo$e me and lea$e me to dieOh baby can't do this to me baby2ust gotta get out just gotta get right outta hereOoh yeah, ooh yeahNothing really matters nyone can seeNothing really matters nothing really matters to me  Don't stop me now &onight I'm gonna ha$e myself a real good timeI feel ali$e and the !orld I'll turn it inside out  yeah nd floating around in ecstasyo don't stop me no! don't stop me'Cause I'm ha$ing a good time ha$ing a good timeI'm a shooting star leaping through the skyLike a tiger defying the la!s of gra$ityI'm a racing car passing by like Lady (odi$aI'm gonna go go go&here's no stopping meI'm burnin' through the sky yeah&!o hundred degrees&hat's !hy they call me ister +ahrenheitI'm tra$'ling at the speed of lightI !anna make a supersonic man out of you%on't stop me no! I'm ha$ing such a good timeI'm ha$ing a ball%on't stop me no!If you !anna ha$e a good time just gi$e me a call%on't stop me no! )'Cause I'm ha$ing a good time*%on't stop me no! )3es I'm ha$in' a good time*I don't !ant to stop at all3eah, I'm a rocket ship on my !ay to arsOn a collision courseI am a satellite I'm out of controlI am a se4 machine ready to reloadLike an atom bomb about toOh oh oh oh oh e4plode
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