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  ADDITION REACTION:Something is added to something else to produce a third thing �  A + B ? C going rom triple to dou!le to single !ond � E I#ATION REACTION: Something comes o o a molecule$ resulting in t%o products& �  A ? B + C � S'BSTIT'TION REACTION: This in(ol(es the e)change o one group or another& �  AB + CD ? AC + BD � REARRAN*#ENT REACTION:A molecule shits or other%ise rearranges to orm a dierent molecule& �  A ? B � , + -, , + -, + ./ 0 1/2, + -, 2, + -, 0 1/ Tips or re(ising Create reminders or thin3ing ahead$ using tas3 manager s4stem& �  #a3e sure to go through all practise pro!lems �  #a3e sure to understand concepts �   � %hat is .5&c e)pressed in 3el(in 0 ?celsius to ???? 3el(in-c 0 .6,&-,3-c7.6,&-,3.5&8c9 ) .6,&-,37-8c9.5& ) 8.6,&-,7-9 0 %hat is &6l e)pressed in ml 0 ?litres to ???? millilitres-l 0 -///ml-l7-///ml&6-8l9 ) -///ml7-8l9&6- ) 8-///ml7-9 0
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