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With 32 percent of meetings conducted virtually, remote meetings have become a reality of modern office life. Conferencing technology can have a huge impact on how smoothly your meetings go—and how much, or how little, employee time gets wasted in the process. Our testing found that the Hub 500 can help speed up the time it takes to do everyday tasks like creating an ad-hoc meeting, joining a scheduled meeting, and making a laptop presentation. What’s more, those time savings could accumulate to save your company up to four and a half hours of employee time per year, or up to $193 of an average annual salary. With the Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500, your employees could spend less time solving technical hiccups and more time solving the problems that matter.
  Save time and money with an all-in-one conferencing solution February 2018 Save time and money with an all-in-one conferencing solution The new Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 took less time to execute common meeting tasks than standard conferencing systems, helping employees save time and organizations save money The average employee attends two and a half conference calls a week. 1  With so much time dedicated to remote meetings, we rely heavily on conferencing technology. Yet for every call, we waste an average of ten minutes just getting started. 2  The Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 changes the game with an accessible, efcient, all-in-one design that could help your employees save time—and your organization save money. In hands-on jury testing at Principled Technologies, we asked volunteers to complete three common meeting scenarios (creating a new meeting, joining a scheduled meeting, and presenting their laptop) on the Hub 500 as well as two traditional conferencing platforms. We found that the Hub 500 enabled volunteers to complete these tasks in up to 89 percent less time than with the standard platforms. Over a year, this increased productivity could be worth up to $193 in salary savings for each employee. Instead of wasting precious time and money on meeting setup, the Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 could help your employees focus on what counts: work that grows your business. Create a meeting in up to 89% less time* Join a scheduled meeting in up to 84% less time* Save up to $193  per employee* † Lenovo ™   ThinkSmart Hub 500  A Principled Technologies report: Hands-on testing. Real-world results.  Save time and money with an all-in-one conferencing solution February 2018 | 2 The following pages describe a ctional scenario in which a person uses the Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 at their workplace. While the story is hypothetical, it’s based on PT facts. For more detailed testing information, see the appendices beginning on page 8 . Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 The Hub 500 is a Skype for Business ®  purpose-built device that also integrates with Microsoft ®  Ofce 365 ™ . With its 360-degree rotatable display and tabletop console, the Hub 500 aims to streamline the meeting process and reduce clutter in small- to medium-sized collaboration spaces. The Hub 500 has been designed to work with companies’ existing displays and Skype for Business certied cameras. A meeting hub for the modern ofce Tracy loves her job as a product manager, but lately she’s been feeling the heat. She has only six weeks to launch her company’s newest product. What’s more, her development team on the East Coast has to collaborate with marketers on the West Coast to get it done. Tracy wants to prove herself. Still, the thought of so many remote meetings makes her break out in a cold sweat. Past experience has taught her that conferencing technology always seems to mess up at a crucial moment. But Tracy’s boss, Jason, has just overseen the onboarding of a new meeting system: the Lenovo ThinkSmart 500. Jason tells Tracy that this new system just might help her conquer her fears once and for all. Read on to see whether the Hub 500 benets Tracy and keeps her meetings running smoothly.  Save time and money with an all-in-one conferencing solution February 2018 | 3 Project content straight from your laptop Today’s a big day for Tracy: She needs to introduce the product launch to her teams in the ofce and on the West Coast. But even after leading several meetings, she’s nervous. In the past, she’s lost precious time dealing with problems ranging from hunting down computer logins and invitation links to troubleshooting faulty microphones. With the clock ticking on two coasts, she can’t afford glitches in her Microsoft PowerPoint ™  presentation. Tracy’s not alone in feeling stressed: In one survey, one in four employees reported struggling to set up and schedule meetings using traditional web conferencing tools. 3  What’s more, these technological challenges were the number one factor contributing to late start times. 4 Worried that the Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 will continue this trend, Tracy arrives in the conference room fteen minutes early. She doesn’t need to double-check her email to conrm her reservation—the console shows she has the room booked for the next hour. Tracy sits down, plugs the HDMI cable on the table into her laptop, and watches as her screen projects to the display at the front of the room. Surprised, she leans back and checks her watch: Hooking up her laptop took all of 15 seconds. Once she’s in the meeting, a tap of a button on the Hub 500 will share her display on participants’ screens, too. With fourteen minutes to spare, Tracy shoots off some emails and runs through her slides one last time, feeling calm and collected by the time her meeting starts. Project content from your laptop in up to 24% less time  Save time and money with an all-in-one conferencing solution February 2018 | 4 Join scheduled meetings with a single tap To join the meeting, Tracy simply taps the console screen—a process that takes almost a minute less than the old system—and launches into her presentation. Without the technical difculties that often plague remote meetings, she can focus on communicating the right message to her team. Once Tracy has nished her presentation, she wants to continue the meeting but stop sharing her screen. She unplugs her laptop and the layout on everyone’s screens switches back to the default full-screen mode. After a round of questions and goal-setting, Tracy says goodbye and hangs up. Both the console and front-of- room display return to their ambient states. Tracy leaves the room before her hour is nished, feeling condent that her team can get this product out on time. Connect with remote coworkers through ad-hoc meetings Tracy’s colleagues are now midway through their product launch timeline. After a long holiday weekend, Tracy needs to check in face to face—but no one’s had time to schedule a meeting in advance. Normally, an impromptu meeting would make Tracy worried that not everyone would get an invite link or enter the right code. Fortunately, the Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 makes it easy for her to create an impromptu meeting. In the conference room, Tracy starts a new Skype for Business meeting and begins typing the names of her remote coworkers. Since the Hub 500 links to the company’s Microsoft Ofce 365 directory, Tracy can type the rst few letters of a name and then scroll through the directory list. Once she’s invited everyone into the new meeting, the Hub 500 selects the optimal video gallery layout to display. With the Hub 500, Tracy can create an ad-hoc meeting in up to 89 percent less time than with a standard system. That means she saves up to almost two and a half minutes per meeting. Aided by a quick setup, Tracy and her colleagues speed through the agenda and hang up convinced their three-week deadline is within reach. Save up to 2.4 minutes when creating ad- hoc meetingsSave up to 55 seconds when joining scheduled meetings Microsoft Ofce 365 Microsoft Ofce 365 gives business employees online and ofine access to the latest version of popular Microsoft Ofce applications like Outlook ™ , Word, Excel ™   and PowerPoint. Learn more at https://www.of .
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