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  Instructions  A  1. Write the names of pupils/students and other important information in 2. Click June button to access its sheet. nd t!pe the dates in the appr . #ide unused rows so that the! will not appear in the final printout. $ou %. &ndicate the da! in the appropriate cell before checkin' the attendanc (. When checkin' the attendance) lea*e the cell +,- if the pupil/stud . 0o work on the form for the succeedin' months) !ou must choose the REMINDERS: 2. -ame entr! can onl! be done in the Modified SF1 worksheet.. eletin' or pastin' of entries across week columns is not allowed. $o %. #!perlink buttons are pro*ided for eas! na*i'ation across worksheets3. o not erase or rearran'e !our entries in the Modified SF1 worksheet (. $ear4round summar! of ttendance and 0ardiness is a*ailable in this Programmed by: Al Stephen R. Lagumen Email Addresses: 3. (IMPORTANT)  0!pe 5 to the appropriate cell to indicate entr! of pup 1. &f !ou wish to use this pro'ram) !ou must start in the month of JUNE .  to-SF2  the Modified SF1 worksheet. opriate cells. can unhide them an!time if !ou need to. of pupils/students for the da!. Computation will onl! take place if the da! is specified.nt is present. appropriate tab/button and repeat Steps   %. ma! delete or paste entries either indi*iduall! or b! week column.. as this will affect the monthl! and annual summaries. ro'ram. $ou ma! cop! and paste entries therein in !our utoCard. il/student durin' the first school4week of June. +ut if !ou ha*en6t done so) please cop! the entries from !our SF2 startin' in June. JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN   FEB   APR   MAR   SUMMARYSF1 (MOD)   chool Form 1 ( F 1) chool Register (This replacedForm1,Master List&STSForm2-Family Backgro!da!d ro#ile)  School $% '12Regio!$ *%i+isio!./0%istrictT$*0 School ame3*B*4 *T$0*L 5$5 S3500LSchool 4ear2'16 - 2'17 rade Le+el Sectio! 3*B*4*T$0*L5$5S3500L2'16- 2'17  You may type or copy-paste names in this worksheet. B04 $RL *M.(Last ame, First ame, Middle ame)   This program may be used in the daily checking of pupils'  students' attendance. !ut updated hard copy of  your SF2 #riginal Format$ should be a%ailabe in your classroom for inspection purposes. &designed to accurately track and consolidate monthly and yearly attendance absences tardiness ins outs and so on&   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN   FEB   APR   MAR   SUMMARYINSTRUCT... Please write your name and the name of your principal in the yellow boxes below.
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