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Health Disclosure Document Mr. Nathan Foster _____ High/Middle School Room ______ Telephone: 801-000-000 Email: Course Description Health is a multifaceted discipline that includes a person’s mental, physical, environmental, spir- itual, and social wellbeing. Throughout this semester we will cover
    Health Disclosure Document Mr. Nathan Foster    _____ High/Middle School   Room ______    Telephone: 801-000-000   Email:   Course Description  Health is a multifaceted discipline that includes a person’ s mental, physical, environmental, spir-itual, and social wellbeing. Throughout this semester we will cover self-concept, nutrition, fit-ness, substance abuse, injury prevention, and reproductive health. The focus of this course is to encourage and enable students to make personal goals that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and lifelong wellbeing. Course Materials  Students are required to have a notebook solely for this class. Students should come to class every day with their notebook and a writing utensil. A textbook will be provided for the student to check out as, needed. Classroom Policies   Tardiness-  It is important for students to be one time. To be on time a student must be in their seat when the bell rings. Tardies will follow district policy. A student who is more than 20 minutes late will be considered absent. Absent Work-  It is the student’s  responsibility to get work they have missed and complete it on time. ã   Any missed exams or quizzes must be made up within a week before or after school. After one week, if students have not made up their missed work the work will be counted as late. Late Work- If a student has a circumstance that prevents an assignment being completed they should discuss options with me. Each term students will receive two late work passes . Stu-dents will need to fill out the late work pass, staple it to the assignment, and place the assign-ment into the in-box. Assignments with late passes will be given full credit. Extra late work passes can be turned in at the end of the term for extra credit. Academic Integrity- Most of the course work is based on personal opinion and insights; all work should be uniquely yours and students should not feel pressured to cheat. Cheating in this class will not be tolerated. I define cheating as copying from another student’s  test or assign-ments, failure to contribute to group projects or discussions, working with others when individual work is required, and using phones during an exam. If students are caught doing any of these things, it will result in a zero on the assignment or exam. Grading Policies and Assignment   30% Unit Projects-  For each unit students will complete a project that displays your under-standing of key concepts. A rubric and further explanation of the unit projects will be given on the first day of each unit.    30% Time-Outs & Homework-  Students are to complete these assignments with a member of their family. These assignments provide an opportunity for students to take a “ time- out”  and share, discuss, and apply what they are learning in class, with those at home. Assignments will be verified completed with family member signature.Other various homework assignments will be assigned to help students learn the course material and concepts discussed in class. 25% Unit Quizzes- Each unit will include a 100 point Quiz. Quizzes will align with the Utah State Department of Education health curriculum standards. There will be a class review ses-sion the period before the test is given to help students study for the tests. Students may retake one quiz to improve their score. 15% Classroom Participation-  This paper is designed to help students explore and define their feelings, values, beliefs, goals, and attitudes regarding health topics. Grading:  Final letter grades will be determined by the percentage of total points earned and are given ac-cording to the following grading scale: 93 and above A 90-92 A- 87-89 B+ 83-86 B 80-82 B- 77-79 C+ 73-76 C 70-72 C- 67-69 D+ 63-66 D 60-65 D- 59 or below F Video List:  The following is a list of videos that may be shown in my classroom. Along with these videos, there may be clips from other videos that deal with the topics being discussed. If you object to your students seeing any of these videos, please notify the teacher personally by phone or email. ã   The Truth about Alcohol ã   Dr. Oz- Healthy Living ã   Super-Size Me ã   Sex Respect Series ã   Body Worlds ã   Tobacco X-Files ã   Surviving Suicide ã   Dying to Be Thin
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