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    Vicerrectoría Académica Coordinación de Currículo   Formato básico oficial para la elaboración de Syllabus  –  microcurrículo P ROGRAMAS N UEVOS O R EDIMENSIONADOS -   2011 Identificación del Espacio Académico   Facultad: INGENIERÍAS Programa: INGENIERÍA AMBIENTAL Y SANITARIA Nombre del Espacio Académico: UNIT OPERATIONS - AIR Código:   41138   rea Curricular: Fundamentadora___ Profesional_X_ Complementaria___ Praxis Investigativa__  _    Tipo de Espacio Académico : Común__ Programa___ Facultad___   Electiva : Disciplinar_X__ Facultad___ Interdisciplinar____   Periodo académico de la malla curricular: I-Semestre 2018 Fecha: Enero - 2018   Número de Créditos: HP:_3___ HI:_6__ Horario: Mi 13-16 Modalidad: T eórica__X_ Taller____ Laboratorio____ Otra: ________   Nombre Profesor: BORIS GALVIS  PhD    Articulación con la Macrocompetencia, Núcleo y Praxis Investigativa Nucleus: Physical and chemical principles that govern de design of air unit operations and design elements to solve air pollution problems. Macro competency: Integrates design elements widely applied in the field of environmental engineering to control air pollution and solve air pollution problems Intencionalidad Formativa (PEUL y EFL) Sustainable development from the point of view of air pollution, and the design and technical knowledge developed by mankind is discussed in this academic space, promoting the better use of raw materials and the rational use of resources. It favors the sense of truth, honesty and social responsibility awareness of the students from their commitment to action on the control of air pollution. It promotes socially responsive, active, sensitive attitudes on emissions from large and small industries.   Competencias integrales a desarrollar en relación con el Perfil Integral  Context : Recommends specific solutions to comply with current, national and international, environmental legislation. Institutional : Rigorously applies his scientific and technical knowledge to device solutions to specific environmental problems, favoring mainly the underprivileged sectors of society. Professional :   Designs processes to control air pollution acquiring p roficiency   to address the control of air pollution, from mass and energy balances concepts, math and chemistry.      Vicerrectoría Académica Coordinación de Currículo   Contenidos del Espacio Académico   1.   Introduction and units (2 weeks)   1.1.   Syllabus review   1.2.    Air pollutants   1.3.   Ideal gas law   1.4.   Mass balances   1.5.   Measurement of gas flow   1.6.   Workshop 1a   2. Particles (1 week)   2.1. Introduction   2.2. Characteristics of particles   2.3. Behavior of particles in fluids   2.4. Workshop 1b   3. Centrifugation (2 weeks)   3.1. Introduction   3.2. Theory   3.3. Design   3.4. Workshop 2a   4. Separation by electrical fields (2 weeks)   4.1. Introduction   4.2. Theory   4.3. Design   4.4. Workshop 2b   5. Filtration (2 weeks)   5.1. Introduction   5.2. Theory   5.3. Design   5.4. Workshop 2c   6. Particulate scrubbers (2 weeks)   6.1. Introduction   6.2. Theory   6.3. Design   6.4. Workshop 3a   7. Absorption (2 weeks)   7.1. Introduction   7.2. Theory   7.3. Design   7.4. Workshop 3b   8. Adsorption (2 weeks)   8.1. Introduction   8.2. Theory   8.3. Design   8.4. Workshop 3c   Didáctica para el aprendizaje y desarrollo de competencias integrales en relación con el perfil Para horas presenciales Para trabajo independiente Lectures. Classroom modeling exercises. Discussion of readings and research in class. Feedback on independent work and exams   Homework Modeling assignments Estrategias de evaluación por competencias integrales en relación con el Perfil      Vicerrectoría Académica Coordinación de Currículo   The homework and workshops in class will integrate teamwork to identify, assess and device solutions to air pollution problems and develop auto- learning abilities. Written exams and modeling assignments will integrate critical knowledge to assess and device solutions to air pollution problems. Feedback for exams, modeling assignments and homework will be done in class. Extra feedback can take place during consult hours with the professor or the teaching assistant but must be specifically required by the student. First grade Homework and workshops in class   21/02/2018   5%   Canon book presentation 07/03/2018 Written exam 28/02/2018   20%   Modeling assignment 07/03/2018 10% Second grade Homework and workshops in class   11/04/2018   5%   Canon book presentation 25/04/2018 Written exam 18/04/2018   20%   Modeling assignment 25/04/2018 10% Final grade Written exam 30/05/2018   30%   Fuentes de Información y Canon de los 100 libros Bibliografía C. Cooper F. C. Alley (2002). Air pollution Control a Design Approach.   Waveland Press. ISBN1577662180. 738 pages. Robert Jennings Heinsohn, Robert Lynn Kabel (1999). Sources and Control of Air Pollution. Prentice Hall. ISBN 0136248349. 696 pages. Treybal, Robert (1993). Operaciones de transferencia de masa. México, McGraw-Hill. Perry, Robert (1993). Manual del ingeniero químico. México, McGraw-Hill, Canon book Garc i ́ a, M. G. (1978). One Hundred Years of Solitude. London: Pan Books.   Cibergrafía    Vicerrectoría Académica Coordinación de Currículo   Atmospheric Environment ( The Science of the Total Environment ( Bases de datos: Tegra, MiSalle, ebsco host, E-Libro, Multilegis, Proquest, Thomson Gale, SciELO, SwetWise Prisma y Juriversia Páginas Web: Basic Concepts in Environmental Sciences. Module 6: Air Pollutants and Control Techniques EPA. Technical Resources. Air Pollution Technology Fact Sheets.    Datos del Profesor E-mail: Phone: 3414169 Student consult: Monday 10am-12 pm Location: Programa de Ingenieria Ambiental y Sanitaria
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