Technical Publication TP-10, Hydrate Decomposition Conditions

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  Technical Publication TP-10 Hydrate Decomposition Conditions in the System Hydrogen Sulfide- Methane, and Propane J. F? Schroeter Riki Kobayashi H. A Hildebrand : Rice University Exxon Production Research Co. : Houston, Texas December, 1982 Gas Proces ors Association 1812 First Place Tulsa Okia 74103 Phone 918/582-5112  ~~ GPA TP-10 82 38 4699 OOLLL78 7LT FOREWORD Recently Professor Riki Kobayashi and his associates at Rice University obtained experimental hydrate decomposition data that we felt would be of value to the gas processing industry. Since their work was not supported by GPA, it could not properly be published as a numbered Research Report (RR). To get information of this type to this industry, the numbered Technical Publication (TP) was developed. The data are being published and distributed as Technical Publication No. 10, entitled “Hydrate Decomposition Conditions in the System Hy- drogen Sulfide, Methane, and Propane”. They should be valuable in predicting hydrate formation in acid gas systems. Thanks are extended to Professor Kobayashi and his Co-workers for obtaining the data and also to Karl Kilgren, chairman of the GPA Phase Equilibria Steering Committee, who edited and prepared the final format for TP-10. casi Sutton, Secretary i  GPA TP LO ôE ô2Yb77 0011177 b5b Table of Contents Foreword ..................... Table of Contents ................ List of Tables Figures ............. Introduction ................... Results ..................... Discussion of Results .............. Experimental Procedure .............. References .................... Page i ii iii 1 2 5 10 13 ii  ~ ~~ GPA TP-LO 82 3824679 OOLLLBO 378 List of Tables Table I Hydrate Decomposition Conditions - 4.174% H2S, 7.172% C3H8¶ 88.654% CH4 Mix. Hydrate Decomposition Conditions - 11.975% H2S, 7.016% C3H8 81.009% CH4 Mix. Hydrate Decomposition Conditions - 31.710% H2S, 7.402% C3H8, 60.888% CH4 Mix. II III Figure 1 List of Figures Hydrate Formation Pressure Versus Temperature Data and Hydrate Program Predictions for 3 Sour Gas Compositions Hydrate Formation - Decomposition Hysteresis Curves (Actual Experiments) Hydrate Formation - Decomposition Hysteresis Curves (Idealized Case) Hydrate Formation Pressure Versus Mol Percent Propane in Gas Phase at -3OC (After Van der Waals Platteuw, 1959) Page 3 3 3 Page 4 iii
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