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Thermodynamics, heat, temperature
  Thermodynamics  Heat Vs Temperature  Temperature is NOT heat!  Heat is energy (kinetic energy of atoms and molecules)  Temperature is the level of energy (related to the speed of the atoms or molecules)  Temperature Scales  Fahrenheit  o  for rine# $%& o  'ater freees# ody temp * o    + ,hose the num ers for easy divisi ility of measuring tools  ,elsius or centigrade -. o  /elvin or 0 solute &1%/-%1%/# 2ero is coldest possi le temp3  /inds of thermometers  45pansion mercury# metal# gas# alcohol  ,hromatic color emitted y hot o 6ect  Thermocouple small electrical flo'   et'een t'o different hot metals  ,rystal alignment of different crystals at different temperatures
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