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A guide to the top MTG commander decks. Includes all the spells and quantity of each.
  Commander Breya 1 Ancient Den1 Anguished Unmaking1 Arcane Sanctum1 Arch of Orazca1 Ashnod's Altar1 Awakened Amalgam1 Azorius Chancery1 Azorius Signet1 Baleful Strix1 Blood Cryt1 Brainstorm1 Breya! therium Shaer1 Buried #uin1 Cascading Cataracts1 Ca$es of %oilos1 Chief ngineer1 Chroma&c antern1 Com(us&(le )earhulk1 Command *ower1 Countersell1 Cranial +la&ng1 Crum(ling ,ecroolis1 Cyclonic #i-1 Dare.! Scra Sa$ant1 Darksteel Citadel1 Darksteel /orge1 Darksteel 0ngot1 Dimir Aueduct1 Dimir Signet1 Discile of the 2ault1 Disatch1 3cient Construc&on1 ldrazi Dislacer1 nlightened *utor1 therium Scultor1 thersworn Ad4udicator1 $er5owing Chalice1 xo&c Orchard1 /a(ricate1 /act or /ic&on1 /e&d +ools1 /looded Strand1 /oundry 0nsector  1 )ilded otus1 )lacial /ortress1 )rand Architect1 )reat /urnace1 6angar(ack 7alker1 6ellkite *yrant1 0chor 7ellsring1 0n$entors' /air1 0rrigated /armland1 0sland1 0zzet Signet1 %rark8Clan 0ronworks1 %uldotha /orgemaster1 9arione:e 9aster1 9aster *ransmuter1 9aster of therium1 9emnarch1 9ountain1 9yr #etrie$er1 9ys&c 9onastery1 ,e$inyrral's Disk1 ,omad Outost1 ,oxious )earhulk1 +adeem! Consul of 0nno$a&on1 +aradox ngine1 +lains1 +olluted Delta1 +rairie Stream1 #eckless /irewea$er1 #eliuary *ower1 Scra *rawler1 Seat of the Synod1 Sensei's Di$ining *o1 Shimmer 9yr1 Shi$an #eef 1 Skullclam1 Smoldering 9arsh1 Sol #ing1 Sell Swindle1 Sire of 0ndustry1 Storm the 2ault1 Sunken 6ollow1 Sureme 2erdict1 Swam  1 Sword of the 9eek1 Swords to +lowshares1 *emle of the /alse )od1 *ezzeret the Seeker1 *hoter /oundry1 *hoter Sy ,etwork1 *ime Sie$e1 *rash for *reasure1 Unwinding Clock1 2ault of 7hisers1 7astes1 7atery )ra$e1 7hir of 0n$en&on Commander – Meren 1 Acidic Slime1 Aid from the Cowl1 Ashnod's Altar1 Banewhi +unisher1 Banshee of the Dread Choir1 Bonehoard1 Butcher of 9alakir1 Caller of the +ack1 Caus&c Caterillar1 Chamion of Stray Souls1 Cloudthresher1 Command *ower1 Corse Augur1 Costly +lunder1 Courser of %ruhix1 Dia(olic Ser$itude1 Dia(olic *utor1 Dire /leet #a$ager1 Discile of Bolas1 ater of 6oe1 ldrazi 9onument1 ternal 7itness1 $olu&onary ea1 $ol$ing 7ilds1 /eed the +ack1 /lesh(ag 9arauder1; /orest1 )olgari Charm1 )olgari )uildgate  1 )olgari #ot /arm1 )olgari Signet1 )ray 9erchant of Ashodel1 )rim Backwoods1 )risly Sal$age1 6igh 9arket1 6ornet <ueen1 =arad's Orders1 =arad! )olgari ich ord1 =ungle 6ollow1 %essig Cage(reakers1 ightning )rea$es1 9azirek! %raul Death +riest1 9erciless xecu&oner1 9eren of Clan ,el *oth1 9ycoloth1 O$erwhelming Stamede1 +ath(reaker 0(ex1 +hyrexian +laguelord1 +olluted 9ire1 +rimal )rowth1 +ueteer Cliue1 +utrefy1 #eclama&on Sage1 #une8Scarred Demon1 Sakura8*ri(e lder1 Satyr 7ay>nder1 Scourge of ,el *oth1 Shriekmaw1 Skullclam1 Skullwinder1 Sol #ing1? Swam1 Swi-foot Boots1 Syhon 9ind1 *ainted 7ood1 *erastodon1 *erramorhic xanse1 *hief of Blood1 *ranuil *hicket1 2amire 6exmage1 2ic&mize1 2iridian missary1 2iridian @ealot
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