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  I NTRODUCING T URNITIN Elizabeth J. PyattITSturnitin@psu.edu To be recorded  L OGIN L INK Site URL ã URL  – http://turnitin.psu.edu  Now goes to updated support site  Click “ Log On ” to log in  Or bookmark URL Screen Cap  N EW S ERVICES ã Before July 1, 2013  Originality Report only ã “Plagiarism detection” ã After July 1, 2013  Originality Report  GradeMark ã Comments, rubric, color highlighting, audio  PeerMark ã Create peer critique assignments  E XISTING  A CCOUNTS ã If you had an instructor account before July 1, 2013  You still have your account  You now have new options for GradeMarkand PeerMark  You are not required to use new tools ã But we recommend you check them out
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