Virtual Reality Radar Chart Q1 2014

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The KZero Virtual Reality Radar Chart shows the key growth areas for consumer take-up of VR. We have identified 12 key sectors and show the adoption years for each sector.
  • 1. Virtual  hart  eality     R for  Q1  2014   Sector  Radar  C 12  Key  Segments  for  consumer  VR  adoption
  • 2. About  KZero   Consulting,  Analytics,  Insight
  • 3. KZero  services Sectors:  Virtual  reality,  virtual  worlds/MMOs,  virtual  goods,  casual   gaming,  augmented  reality   Start-­‐ups  /  Pre-­‐launch:  Business  planning,  market  sizing,  financial   modelling,  strategic  guidance,  launch  planning   Operational  companies:  Marketing  strategy,  product   development,  user  analysis,  market  entry  planning,  partnerships/ busdev   Brands:  Media  planning,  campaign  creation,  virtual  brand  strategy   For  VC’s/Investors:  Deal-­‐flow,  investment  analysis,  market  sizing
  • 4. Clients
  • 5. Media  References
  • 6. Virtual  Reality  Radar  Chart  Explained Sectors:  We  have  identified  12  key  consumer  sectors  where  we   believe  there  will  be  commercial  activity.  Each  sector  shows  the   year  when  they’ll  be  initial  consumer  take-­‐up  /  product  launches.   VW  /  MMO  Ports:  Existing  browser/monitor  based  virtual  worlds   and  MMOs  ported  over  to  virtual  reality.   Gambling:  Casinos  and  other  gambling  activities.   Sports:  Passive  and  active  sports  simulates  in  virtual  reality.   Social  Worlds:  Avatar-­‐based  virtual  worlds  based  around   socialisation.   LifeLogging:  Virtual  reality  being  used  as  the  output  channel  with   augmented  reality  being  the  input.  
  • 7. Virtual  Reality  Radar  Chart  Explained Adult  Themes:  Virtual  reality  concepts  for  adult  users.   Education  /  Training:  Virtual  reality  applications  for  consumer   training  and  education  purposes.   UGC:  Virtual  reality  worlds  based  on  User  Generated  Content.   Casual    /  Puzzle  Games:  Simple  games  based  around  casual  and   puzzle  games.   Simulation  Games:  Non-­‐VW  based  first  person  simulation  games.   New  Concept  MMOs/VWs:  Brand-­‐new  VW  and  MMO  concepts   created  specifically  to  exploit  the  features  of  virtual  reality.   Mirror  Worlds:  Virtual  reality  applications  based  on  re-­‐creating  real-­‐ world  places.
  • 8. Virtual  Reality:     Key  Sectors  with  Launch  Timings
  • 9. New'Concept'MMOs'/'VWs VW/MMO/FPS'Ports Consumer' Virtual'Reality' Sectors:'' Q1'2014'Radar 30yrs&old+ Simulation'Games Gambling Commercial'Launch'in 20yrs&old+ 2014 2015 2016 Casual'/'Puzzle' Games Sports 10yrs&old+ Sponsored by 30yrs old+ 20yrs&old+ 10yrs&old+ UGC 10yrs&old+ 20yrs&old+ 30yrs&old+ Social'Worlds 10yrs&old+ 20yrs&old+ Education''/' Training 30yrs&old+ Adult'Themes LifeLogging Mirror'Worlds
  • 10. Virtual  Reality:     Early  Stage  Game  Demos  &  Prototypes  etc.
  • 11. Further  Information Virtual  Reality  News  Weekly:  Read  our  weekly  email   covering  the  Consumer  Virtual  Reality  marketplace.  Sign-­‐ up  at­‐reality/.   State  of  the  Market  full  report:  Order  the  full  KZero   consumer  virtual  reality  report    from­‐ research/   Virtual  Reality  Market  Sizing  presentation.  Order  the  full   KZero  consumer  virtual  reality  market  sizing  and  revenue   report    from­‐research/   Twitter:   Facebook:
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