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Mrs. May’s Young Five’s Weekly Newsletter February 5-9 , 2018 week 22 www.mayyoungfives.weebly.com 1 Upcoming Important Dates: *******VERY IMPORTANT***** ● 2-12-18 Board Meeting At Baker SIGNED Valentines to Please have your 7:00pm school by MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12!!! ● 2-14-18 Equipping Parent Wo
  Mrs. May’s Young Five’sWeekly Newsletter  February 5-9 , 2018 week 22 www.mayyoungfives.weebly.com  Upcoming Important Dates: ● 2-12-18 Board Meeting At Baker 7:00pm ● 2-14-18 Equipping Parent Workshop 9:05 ● 2-14-18 Valentine’s Day Party 1:10-2:10 ● 2-21-18 Early Childhood Night 6-7:30 ● Y5 families you do not need to register, automatically going to Kindergarten. ● 2-23-18 No School/ Mid Winter Break   1  *******VERY IMPORTANT***** Please have your SIGNED   Valentines to school by MONDAY,   FEBRUARY 12!!! The sooner you send them in the sooner the children can MAIL them!! It takes quite a bit of time!! We will accept them early too!!!  THANK YOU!!! (you can take your little Valentine home after party if you’d like)    Updated …..for Party! THANK YOU Parents! 5 Plastic Red or Valentines table covers. 1.  ADDELEIGH Valentine Stickers  (send in by Monday, February 5th) 1. JACE  2. JACE 3. TRINITY  4.5. 20 Valentines Plates 1. OLIVIA 20 Valentines Napkins and Spoons 1. RICHIE 20 Red Cups for Valentines Floats 1. JAYDEN B1 Gallon Vanilla Ice cream (and scoop) 1. SAVANNAH1 Liter of Cherry 7-Up 1. PEYTON _________________________ 20 Red Vine Licorice for straws 1. TRENT20 Cookies or cupcakes or Rice Krispie Treats??? 1. LANDON2 Bags of Salty Chips, Cheese-Its or Pretzels?? 1. TRENT5 Bags of conversation HEART candies  1. BRAYDEN 2. PEYTON 3. FINN 4. SAVANNAH 5.   Please check your houses, and BACKPACKS!! We are missing our SURPRISE BOX! It went home with a  friend, and now it has not come back! Please find and send in ASAP!! We LOVE THIS!!  Parent Corner: In MEDIA this week: Lesson:  Read Aloud: The Ant and the Grasshopper    by Rebecca Emberly (Bookflix), Inside an Ant Colony   by Allan Fowler Vocabulary : Fiction and Nonfiction Children discussed the difference between fiction and nonfiction and explored nonfiction books on BookFlix. In HWT: We are listening to songs on CD. We sing the letters and WRITE!! We made  FROG JUMP LETTERS , (N, B, D, E, F, M, P, R) Give It A Middle , ( A, G, H, ) Give It A Top , (I, J, T, ) Sliding Down To the End of the Alphabet  ( V, W, X, Y, Z) are some of our favorites!! And our Capitals that have lowercase that look ½ their size are Cc, Oo,Ss, Vv, Ww. DIVER LETTER SCHOOL : r, n, h, and b. Descending Letters-that go BELOW the line:  g, j, y, p, q In Math: Counting to 100 by ones and 10’sAnd now we are learning to count by 5’s to 100!! WOW! We started measuring the length of things.   We measured a straw, 6 cubes, 10 links, and a ruler with paper clips! We are also measuring how tall we are for MY BOOK. In Large Group: We made our fabulous 100’s Day Hat! They did a great job and worked really hard! We counted out 100 snacks and enjoyed every bite! We are learning about a funny bird, a penguin! Check out our WEBSITE! So much fun happening in our classroom! Look at the new photos:):) Mayyoungfives.weebly.com
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