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  Wednesday 27 December 201705:43AM ...This page contains the What's New   Postings .  .These new items will beable to remain for alonger time on this page,and we will utilize dates toindicate when they wereposted..We have moved our Holiday collection writingsto our new Holiday / HolyDay page. HomeNationalIdentificationCards;Proclamations& Sealing Be sure to check our Weekly Events for New York activities AND our  Upcoming Calendar of Events for all other  activities. Page Navigation for What's New: ãCollective Citizens Violation Warning ã Preliminary on Real ID Act ãDrinking Your Sustenance ãWhat Is Genocide ãPX King George ãSovereigns Foreclosure Dismissed ãThe Fraud of IRS ãWho IsAmerican? ã Climate Change ãDefintion of U.S. National? ã Sisters Message To You!!  ã Constitution Time  - Critical ã  Your Identity 2008   - Elihu   ã   Why A Moor CANNOT Naturalize ã Police   Create PDF in your applications with the Pdfcrowd HTML to PDF APIPDFCROWD  Shoveling OutFood ForThoughtMantis Views29How To UseThis Site:WeeklyEventsCalendarEventsWhat's New?OpenReadingsDownloadsWhat ToStudy?MoorsResponse-AbilityThe ForgottenScrollsProclamationsBy StatesCongressionalRecordsPublicRecords - Steal Cars!!!  ã What Gives Moors Immunity?  ã Updated Quo Warranto Averment of Jurisdiction ã TRAFFIC CAMERA INADMISSABLE ã Letters of Marque and Reprisals  posted 9/19/2015 The following is in support of the Sons Of Allah MHHS Blog Talk Class in regards to the Number '9', givenon 9/19/2015 (numerologically equates to '9').   The True Possessors of the Fez   Oil Painting by William Merritt Chase Titled The Moroccan Girl   1800's . Therefore, why would anyone say that women cannot wear theFez, especially since it is representative of the womb itself. For the truth, science and mathematics on same see About The Fez  page . Do not let anyone tell you that which is not true, as themisinformation regarding the woman is intended to suppress thewoman, and she is the 'Grand Architect that built Solomon's(soul of man) Temple (body) in the darkness, in the silence andwith no tools (the womb). posted 11/16/15 To cap up our November Sistars Standing on Law  presentation, weoffer the following quotes from the works of C.M. Bey's Clock of Destiny Book 1:   If women on national scales possessed the applied knowledge of the secrets of thenumber 9, they would be supremely qualified to educate their children to the practicalside of life during its 9 months maturity from conception to birth. Then, there would beno need for the institutions of religious mystery worship, idol or image God. Jail houses,prisons and insane institutions would not be needed for there would be no racial hatredor crime. . The secrets of the number 9 and 12 signs of the Zodiac involving woman and child,from conception to birth, is referred to in the Book of John, Revelations, as— theopening of the “Seven Seals”—from which has marked the very end of ChristianTheology and the rise of women, with civilization , namely: the (Moorish or Asiatic)   Create PDF in your applications with the Pdfcrowd HTML to PDF APIPDFCROWD  True andDivineWrits Of FreedomQuo Warranto/ AvermentOf JurisdictionUse Of ProSe LawDefinitionsJurisPrudenceMortgageMythMoorsHeritage & HistoryClassesCanaanlandMoorsMoors OrderOf TheRoundtableAbout NobleDrew AliAbout C.M.BeyAbout The Fez women of the United States who have been labeled  Negro (colored people) by thesociologists of the Roman Cross Order. . I am sorry to assert that the present grown-ups, especially 95% of both (Europeanand Asiatic Americans) will not turn loose the white image “Christ doctrine and thechurch, with its various denominations, until the United States of America hasundergone its blood bath, which is now in the making—the most crucial blood bath thatthe world has ever known. . The doctrine of the white image was born in the United States of America, or colonial North America , through blood shed; and will vanish after bloodshed whichcannot be described in words. This destruction is necessary in order that the oncoming generation  might escape mental bondage and dead idol, or image worship,which is definitely contrary to truth, wisdom and  economic and  social progress . .  posted 11/14/15   Message of The Ancestral Winds . When the Pope spoke on Immigration and Freedom of Religion  at Philadelphia during his visit on the Fall Equinox,Full and Red Moon eclipse, the Press put an article in thenewspaper entitled Windswept Speech   ( right srcinal front pageof newspaper)  as the wind was whipping at his garb. We saw it asthe ancestral winds in fact assisting in bringing a WindsweptMessage .  Access the 1- Page PDF below for our interpretation of the ancestral winds message; thanks to the open eye of Mizraim El, one of R.V. Bey's finest authors, who used anauthoritative eye, guided by the ancestral spirits at work today inan undeniable force of truth. .   “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, princes of the air”  -- St. Paul    Message Of The Windswept posted 10/22/15 Create PDF in your applications with the Pdfcrowd HTML to PDF APIPDFCROWD  About TaxesHOLIDAY -HOLY DAYDriversLicense FraudFailure ToIdentify?Prisoners InYour OwnLandAbsrcinallyHealthySistarsStanding OnLawReturn Of TheMatriarchReligiousControversyAstrologyCosmologyProse, Poetry& LiteraryScriptsFrequentlyAskedQuestionsProductDetails - Child ID Card or Not?   by    Jaiyanah Bey If this article does not bring home to the parents, especially the Mothers, how they arewilling, yet unknowing participants in the bureaucratic enslavement of their ownchildren, thus participating in human trafficking without knowledge, then there is a wholelot of waking up, yet to be done!    Also permanently found on the Food For Thought  page. . posted 10/24/15 Read This Article in Regards to 'Nationalizing' - IMPORTANT . posted 11/13/15 Are You Busy About Enforcing the Law or 'Color-of-Law?   'Color of Law - The Appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right . State v. Brechler, 185 Wis. 499, 202 N.d144, 148. Source: Black's Law Dictionary, pg 331.  We gave that definition because we realize that many may not be aware that there is such athing as color of law . That would be what you are learning in any law classes today. Alsomany may think Black's Law dictionary is indicative of a so-called 'black' person, because the'name' is Henry Campbell Black. When you look up 'color-of-law' you will also find color of authority, color of Office and the definition of 'Color' itself, which is: ' an appearance,semblance, or simulacrum, as distinguished from that which is real'.   Now you know whywe never were colored people. In the 101's it tells you that color means something that isstained, varnished or dyed, which means it hides or covers over the true substance of thething itself.   Everything that is Legal is not necessarily lawful,HOWEVER, everything Lawful is Legal. . posted 10/24/15 Read This Article in Regards to 'Nationalizing' - IMPORTANT In Regards To 'Nationalizing' -- 2015 . Create PDF in your applications with the Pdfcrowd HTML to PDF APIPDFCROWD
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