World Defying Dan God

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novela ligera de artes marciales
  World Defying Dan God - Chapter 1 Take your favorite novel wherever you go Dark clouds that shined with lightning covered the sky. A heavy rain is about to fall.Inside Wohu City, Chen Xiang while looking up the sky muttered to himself: “I cannotdelay any longer, I have to quickly find a good spirit herb, and otherwise it will be veryhard to get another opportunity.”Chen Xiang had just turned sixteen this year, his build was more robust than others ofsimilar age. Although he has a handsome face and youthful countenance, his eyes gaveaway maturity that is not present in others of his age.Chen Xiang must pick up herbs for himself this time, although his grandfather is patriarchof the Chen family, he doesn’t have any spiritual vein. He is incapable of practicing anymartial arts. Therefore since childhood he has been diligently training his own body andalso frequently going out to train secretly, he even once fought a tiger type beast. Althoughhe is young, the amount of life and death experiences Chen endured made his state ofmind far superior compared to his peers.“Isn’t this Chen Xiang? It’s going to rain heavily, will you still be able to exercise in thisweather?” an old steward asked while coming towards him. Seeing the amount of hardwork Chen Xiang did every day, the old steward could not help but admire him. Howevera sliver of regret could be seen in his gaze.Chen Xiang worked very hard and practiced every day for six years. But he still remainsin the 3rd level of Mortal martial realm, and other children of Chen family of similar agehave already entered into the 4th level of mortal martial realm, and some have evenreached 5th level.This is all because he doesn’t have any spiritual veins, therefore the family doesn’t attachany importance to him, and he is only treated as an ordinary member of the Chen family.Although he doesn’t have any spiritual veins, he was never discouraged by it, and hadbeen diligently training himself, at least the process of trying still allowed him to feel asense of accomplishment.“Old Ma, I was just going to pick some herbs.” Chen Xiang laughed and ran up to the oldsteward. He even grabbed the steward’s whip.“Useless, you do not have any spiritual veins, no matter how hard you practice you stillwon’t be able to advance!” That old steward shook his head with a sigh.Regarding such words, he has heard it all his life, but he still insisted that in any event he  will not give up.“Xiang Er, don’t go, today’s weather is no good!” At this time, a middle-aged man arrived.Chen Xiang while curling up his lips, said: “Father, picking herbs in rainy days is a goodopportunity, at least no one will try to snatch them.”The middle-aged man was Chen Xiang’s father, Chen Tianhu, a very famous andformidable martial artist and also one of the most promising candidates in the Chen familyto inherit the position of patriarch. Though his son was somewhat crippled, he had alwaysencouraged Chen Xiang, and also from time to time provided him with some preciouspills. But it still didn’t have any effect on Chen Xiang.“Here.” Chen Tianhu smiled helplessly and threw a small box towards Chen Xiang.Chen Xiang took the box without looking inside, he knew that inside it was a pill. He saidwith a smile “Thank you dad, now I don’t need to steal the chickens that Old man Ma hasraised for his health.”That comment made the steward’s whole face bitter and astringent, he didn’t think that hischickens had already been targeted.Looking at the vanishing back of Chen Xiang, Chen Tianhu can only let out a Sigh,although he has a very high status within the Chen Family, the elders in charge ofmanaging the pills were very strict as they are precious resources for practicing, and hecan only save some of them and give it to Chen Xiang. But their therapeutic effect actuallywas not that significant as they were too few in number to affect Chen Xiang.What father doesn’t hope for his son to become successful in life? But Chen Tianhu doesnot have any other methods, all he can do is acquire some pills for Chen Xiang.……‘Immortal devil cliff’. This is a very desolate place, at this moment a teenager with a barechest is climbing down the cliff.Under the heavy downpour, Chen Xiang was actually climbing down the cliff! This is avery dangerous matter, as the ‘Immortal devil cliff’ is very deep and below is filled with atype of black Qi that gave off the feeling of death, therefore many people don’t want toapproach this place.But Chen Xiang actually came here to pick some herbs and was gradually descending theravine slowly approaching the bottom. If others were to know about this, they would laughat him for being a madman. At the place where birds don’t even shit and perennial filledwith death Qi, it was hardly an ideal location for spirit herbs.Chen Xiang was not stupid, he knew that this ‘Immortal devil cliff’ had been present formany, many years and is always filled with death Qi. And no one knows since when.According to common sense, this lethargic place doesn’t have any spirit herbs, but ChenXiang actually doesn’t believe that, he knows when things reach to extreme there is boundto have some reasons, he believes this escarpment certainly must have a legendary spiritherb.‘Hell Spirit Grass’ This spirit herb sounds to be very deadly, but it is a very strange herb  which makes a dead skeleton regrow its flesh and is a very effective spirit herb, ordinarilygrown in an ancient battlefield or cemeteries where the death Qi is abundant.Only on rainy days will the black Qi sink due to rainfall, so Chen Xiang was able to seesome of the deep precipice, he wanted to go deep into this place so that he can search for‘Hell Spirit Grass’.Although he does not need ‘Hell spirit grass’, but if he got this sacred herb, he can trade itfor many precious pills, which will allow him to be free from his current predicament andhave formidable strength.Raindrops continuously falls on Chen Xiang, making him feel very uncomfortable whilealso making the rocks on the cliff-side very slippery. This makes him even more cautious,carefully climbing down the cliff so as not to fall.Nobody knows what is at the bottom of the ‘Immortal devil cliff’, there have been manywho have gone down, but the number of people that have climbed back up was zero, tofall down means death!Two hours pass and the rain continued to fall. Chen Xiang has been exercising for manyyears and just by relying on his strong body, he went down several dozen feet down intothe deep precipice.Chen Xiang found a good temporary shelter, at this time he carefully observed hissurroundings, suddenly, he saw something which made his heart beat excitedly.‘Hell spirit grass!’ Chen Xiang excitingly shouted, gazing straight down below he sawsomething similar to a white sesame seed cake. He was confident this was the legendary‘Hell spirit grass’.The whole ravine was filled with Black Death Qi, and to top it all off the color of Hellspirit grass grass and the cliff was the same, and itt made this herb very difficult to spot.Chen Xiang was very excited, he calmed himself down while resting for a moment beforeslowly climbing down again.Not too long after Chen Xiang arrived next to that ‘Hell spirit grass’. He swallowed hissaliva while looking at the white ‘Hell spirit grass’ that has the size similar to a washingbowl, and he could feel the vigorous life force emitted by the ‘Hell spirit grass’.Chen Xiang can only pick the ‘Hell sprit grass’ with one hand. He estimated that this ‘Hellspirit grass’ has been growing for more than a thousand years. Selling it in the auction willearn him an astronomical sum.Chen Xiang picked the spirit grass up after quite a bit of effort, putting it inside his storagepouch, he grinned: “Haha! It’s time for this daddy’s salted fish to stand up from failure!”[PF: i feel he’s talking about his fish instead of saying he is a fish, i hope he’s not callinghimself a salted fish anyways.][TLN: 老子咸鱼翻身的时候到了  it actually translated as above and here MC is referringhimself as father]So long as he sells this ‘Hell spirit grass’, he will be able to purchase a lot of good rankpills, then he will be able to advance by leaps and bounds!*
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