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   The Big Idea   ISSUE WHAT MOTIVATES THE MOST COMPELLING CHARACTERS NOVEMBER/DECEMBER  2012 writersdigest.com     F  n   L   1   0   4   0   1   2   0   0   1   J   U   Y  r   V  y   B   Q   d   W   J  s  a   W   N   h   d   G   l  v   b  n   M  s   I   E   l  u   Y  y    A  o   0   2   S   W   9  s   Y   S   B   k  a   X   Z  p  c   2   l  v   b   i   k    P   R   3   J   l   Z    2   9  y  e   S   B   L   0   3  c  n   V   l   Z   2   V   y   A   E   7  v   C   h   A   E   M   T   A  u   N   A   I   4    M   A   E  x   B   V   V   Q   0   4   Q  y   1   B   D   D   A   3   N   D   Q   3   M   D   A  y   M  z  c   5   M   Q   A  = 74470 02379 0  1 12 US $5.99 Display until November 26, 2012  WD INTERVIEW George R.R. Martin THE GAME OF THRONES   KING ON RULING THE WRITING PROCESS ã HOW CREATIVITY W   ORKS 󰀵 WRITERS TAKE YOUINSIDE THEIR PROCESS ã BEAT WRITER’S BLOCKWITHOUT WILLPOWER TIPS FROM BRAIN SCIENCE ã DEVELOP ANY IDEA INTO A GREAT STORY 󰀴 SIMPLE STEPS ã HAVE A PERFECTLYINSPIRED WEEK  A DAY󰀭BY󰀭DAY GUIDE 󰀫 WINNING STRATEGIES FROM WD’S ANNUAL WRITING COMPETITION  .com anything  write everything publish everywhere market Everything is simple with the full-service support of Outskirts Press.  Writing services   to help you start, finish, or edit a book. Publishing packages   to help you publish and distribute. Marketing support    to help you promote your book nomatter where or how you published it.Visit Outskirts Press today. It’s that simple!   April 4–7, 2013 New York City  Take the next step: Get published. Credit: Claudiodivizia/pixmac   2  I WRITER’S DIGEST  I November/December 2012 20 How to Develop Any Idea Into a Great Story  Even stories that start with brilliant strokes o inspiration too ofen 󿬁zzle out beore we reach Te End. Use this our-step method to develop your best ideas to their ullest. BY ELIZABETH SIMS 24 Overcoming Writer’s Block Without Willpower In a modern world ull o distractions, writer’s block may  just be at an all-time high. Here’s a look at why our brains reeze, and what we can do about it. BY MIKE BECHTLE 28 Inside the Creative Processes of Real Writers Where do ideas really come rom? Why are we compelled to put them into words, and how do we do it? In this essay series, writers share their creative struggles, epiphanies and victories. BY ROGER DUNLAP, JOANNA CASTLE MILLER, NANCY CLARK, DEBORAH HALL & DESERÉT BAKER 34 Have a Perfectly Inspired Week Use this idea-packed day-to-day guide to invite more creativity into your writing lie. BY THE WRITER’S DIGEST   STAFF C reati vi t y I   DEAS Ins piration  Revolutionize Your Writing Process   FEATURES
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