WSMA Group Assignment 2

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WSMA Group Assignment 2
  Given:   Category:  Apparel Timeline: One month (1 st  December, 2017  –  31 st  December, 2017) Expected:  10x improvement in sales Budget: $5000 Required:  10 Slides (Keywords, Ads, Landing Page and Analysis) and Google Data Studio Dashboard Constraints: Referral not an option, atleast ECR>=20% Deadline:  4 th  February, 4PM Steps:    A UDIENCE -   O VERVIEW   User:  1990 Bounce Rate:  13.36% Avg. Session Duration: 9:20 Pages/Session:  15.34 OS (Desktop):  Mac-37.35%, Windows: 30.87% OS (Mobile):  Android-59.42%, iOS-38.26% Browser (Desktop):  Chrome-85.53%, Safaru-8.14% Screen Resolution (Mobile):  360x640: 26.5%, 412x732: 16.81%   A UDIENCE -D EMPGRAPHICS   Avg. User age group is:  25-34 and 35-44. Bounce rate  for this group is around 13%. Pages/Session:  15. Avg. Session Duration: 9-10mins. C ONVERSION -ECOMMERCE-O VERVIEW   ECR for electronics:  9.92% Avg. Order Value: $234.20  Top 10 products sold:  A UDIENCE - INTERESTS - INMARKET SEGMENTS   It is seen that the ECR for electronics is 9.63%,  that is, the percentage of sessions that resulted in a transaction. Out if this , 7.43%   fall under the “ Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones ” segment. Therefore this segment must be further scrutinized.  (user % is 3.36%). Combining this with the conversion goal completion percentages, it is seen that one must concentrate on organic search for consumer electronics/mobile phones.  Improve google rankings bye: 1.   Build links 2.   Improve Onpage SEO 3.   Improve User Metrics Google trends Artificially inflate brand signals: make your brand or product popular  –  more searches in google. Go into Google Analytics and enable site search under the Admin section (under View Settings  > Site Search ). Site search    B EHAVIOR — SITE SEARCH — SEARCH TERMS   Behaviour flow report    Most people don’t convert from the homepage. Instead, it’s commonly a jumping off point to other places on your website. We should then turn our attention to how people are already navigating through our website to improve results (rather than obsess over jamming every single item onto the homepage). B EHAVIOUR — BEHAVIOUR FLOW   Above is the Starting Page where each traffic source enters your site. The first forward slash result (“/”) is the homepage. The ones underneath are different page or post paths shown with the corresponding URL. So first, start by helping people get from one page to the next by including more internal links or CTA’s along each step. You can also see where people are dropping off in chunks and improve those pages to keep people on course. It is seen that 35.9% of total traffic is from organic search, 22.7% is from direct opening of page and CPC (cost per click) of 4.42%.
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